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Practice Areas

Sessler & Sessler LLP offers professional legal representation in several distinct areas of practice. Below you will find further descriptions by category:

Business Consultation & Financing

Sessler & Sessler LLP can help you achieve your goals. Strong alliances in finance, accounting, insurance and marketing allow us to help your business achieve its potential.

Business Formation

A great business idea will wither unless rooted in a strong structure. Sessler & Sessler LLP can help you turn your ideas into reality and dreams into something tangible. We stand ready to aide and nurture the most fragile of entities, the newly formed business.

"Make us a part of your team...make us a part of your solution"


For over 50 years Sessler & Sessler LLP has been preparing contracts for business and personal use. Everything from partnership and shareholder agreements to voting block and employment agreements. We are prepared to help you protect yourself and your business.


Years ago companies transacted their business with a handshake. Today, the way in which companies conduct themselves has changed dramatically.

Sessler & Sessler LLP has acted as general counsel for some of New York's most enduring closely held corporations. We have built strong relationships and a professional history with these business owners. Today we work in concert with our clients to navigate the roughest of waters. Addressing issues such as corporate structure, employment, insurance claims, financing, accounting, investor and shareholder concerns, Sessler & Sessler LLP will make sure you are not going it alone.

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

The biggest concerns of the elderly today are (1) will I have enough money to last throughout my lifetime and (2) will I have a legacy (money) to leave my children. With the use of investment professionals, insurance and long term care products, trusts, gifts and other non-testamentary tools, Sessler & Sessler LLP helps people achieve their goals.

Our understanding of Medicaid rules and regulations will help you protect your assets while preparing for Medicaid qualification of a loved one. Long term nursing home care can easily wipe out a lifetime of work and savings. We will help you get the care you need, while preserving your estate for future generations.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Utilizing an in-depth understanding of the Federal & State tax codes, real estate transactions, trusts and gifting we are able to help our clients protect their interests, while aiding them in transitioning their life's achievement to their children and grandchildren.

Through the use of insurance, trusts, family limited partnership, corporations, gifting and other vehicles, Sessler & Sessler LLP will show you how to protect your assets against tax liens, judgments and future creditors. We may even be able to help you avoid the probate or administration proceeding entirely.

Real Estate & Leasing

We can guide you in transactions involving sales, purchases and lease-to-buy arrangements regarding real and personal property. Additionally, we specialize in individual Cooperative and Condominium transactions, as well as all other residential and commercial matters.

There are many attorneys who claim to really know real estate transactions, but do they have the experience or do they know just how to fill out a form. At Sessler & Sessler LLP we pride ourselves, not on the easy deals, but the difficult ones which ended in a successful closing. The test of a real estate professional comes when the deal is faltering, when the parties are walking away, when all seems to be lost. We will fight for your interests. We have a saying here, "At Sessler & Sessler LLP Our Deals Close".

Wills, Trusts & Estates and Probate/Administration

When in a time of need, when a dear one has passed, the key to the smooth transition of assets may wholly depend on the quality of the legal services rendered many years earlier. For over 50 years Sessler & Sessler LLP has been preparing documents to ensure the smoothest transition of our client's assets. We will prepare a Last Will & Testament or Trust Document, which will allow for the transition of your assets as you so desire.

You and your family will feel secure knowing that when the time comes we will continue to be there for you to handle any size probate or administration proceeding. Protecting your family and their privacy is our utmost concern.

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