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About Sessler & Sessler

Sessler & Sessler LLP has a long tradition of client contact and satisfaction. With a partner in both the law firm and the Certified Public Accounting firm of Sessler Macklin LLP, the law firm has a fifty year history handling unique legal matters involving a sophisticated knowledge of accounting and finance.

Sessler & Sessler LLP serves as general counsel to many New York corporations conducting business throughout the United States and Internationally.

Sessler & Sessler LLP provides unique solutions for businesses and individuals.

We understand the difference between acting as an attorney and providing counseling services, which can many times lead to more productive solutions without litigation.

Our goal is always to provide solutions, contain costs and relieve burdens from our clients, thus allowing them to devote more time to their family and business.

Unlike our competition, Sessler & Sessler LLP offers single party accountability. This simply means that you always have one attorney who is responsible for all aspects of your matter. This attorney is available everyday, evenings and weekends.

We will help you build a mutually beneficial long term relationship, which will positively impact your business, your family and yourself.

Initial consultations are offered at no charge.


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